So you’ve been thinking about buying a home in Bend Oregon but don’t know if now is the right time for you to move forward and take steps to becoming a homeowner or not.

In this post we will cover four signs that you’re ready to move from being a renter to finally becoming a homeowner.

You Are Tired Of Renting

This is usually the first sign that it’s time to take the steps towards buying a home especially if your landlord has increased your rent every year or has put tighter restrictions on you for what you can and cannot do in the rental property.

You Want More Freedom in Your Home

Another surefire sign that you’re ready to buy a home versus continue renting is if you can’t stand the thought any longer of looking at those white walls for another day and you want to have the freedom to pain them whatever color you want without having to ask your landlords approval first.

You Want More Space in Your Home

If you just recently married, or expanded your family again, let’s face it, you’re going to need more space, and buying a home sooner, rather than later is the best option because,  as your family continues to grow you will have more space in your home to accommodate a growing family over time.

You Are Ready To Do Something with Your Money

Although renting is a find short tern option the reality is that renting isn’t a great option for the long term because, you aren’t doing anything with your money like building equity in your home or enjoying the tax breaks which come with owning a home.

Buy a Home in Bend Oregon

To get started with selling your Bend Oregon Home, or to view current properties on the market, contact me, Sheree MacRitchie, Principal Broker with Re/Max Key Properties by CLICKING HERE to connect with me online or by calling (541) 480-8919.

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