Many people think Winter/Early Spring are terrible times to sell their home.  The weather is often gray and snowy.  Cold weather makes people want to hibernate.  The market slows to a slog.  I am here to tell you 3 special reasons selling your property in the winter gathers an advantage.

People make life choices no matter the season.  They marry and divorce,  their family outgrows their existing home and or are ready for a change and maybe a new location.  This means  Buyers are out there looking to buy.   Capturing someone’s interest in your home is easier when they are only able to see 5-10 homes on the market vs.  25-30.  They are more likely to see your home given less inventory.

Also, from a Buyer’s perspective they believe Seller’s are more  motivated if they have their home on the market during the drizzly days winter can bring.

Bringing Buyer’s and Seller’s to an agreeable price point is realistic for everyone involved.  By early spring Seller’s have their money in their pockets and can move forward with their lives and Buyer’s are settled and ready to live, work and play in Bend and enjoy their new home.

If you or someone you know is thinking about or planning on making a move, give me a call.

 I can help you with “every move you make“.Sheree Open House


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