Should You View Homes For Sale After Dark?

Should you view homes for sale after dark? The answer is no. Although it gets dark during the winter before 5:00 pm, and you have a busy schedule, you should always view a home for sale during the day especially for these reasons: Safety and Security It’s easier to search for a home during the […]

Does your home smell?

Creating curb appeal and staging are two key parts of selling a home but if the home stinks most home buyers will view the home wondering what’s wrong with it even if the home is brand new or recently renovated. If you’re planning on selling your home but have found that it has a certain […]

See Me, Feel Me

Staging your Bend Home for sale is important.  Going the extra step to be  sure your home is sensually appealing is just as important.  If a buyer enters your home and hears, sees, smells or touches things in your home that are not as they should be, they will wonder what else may be wrong […]

Is Owning Your Home Worth IT?

Thanks to a recent poll we know that more than 57% of homeowners across the United States prefer owning a home vs. investing and actually plan on buying a home again in the future. Better Than Traditional Investing? We all know that the Real Estate market has been hot over the last 24 months but […]

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Simple Tips for Selling Your Home If You have Dogs There’s no denying that dogs are our best friends.  They are awesome companions and make our lives interesting but they can make it difficult when you are selling your home. FIDO – the watch dog is your biggest deterrent in selling your home.  A home […]