5 Oops! YOU Don’t Want To Make When Decorating

Decorating is one of the most exciting things you can do in any home but it is easy   to make decorating mistakes which can make your home and not as comfortable and harder to sell in the long run. Here are 4 decorating mistakes you should avoid making in your home: Your Furniture Looks Pretty […]


As 2014 winds down many homeowners in Bend and Central Oregon are thinking about or planning a remodel on their home. Perhaps you are one of them. And, although remodeling sounds like a great idea not every project you’re considering will yield you a big return when you decide to sell your home. And, other […]

Snuggle UP!

With the time change right around the corner, and cold winter weather soon to hit, some of us that live in the Pacific Northwest might feel a case of the “blahs” as the colder weather can bring a time of adjustment and maybe a few sniffles too. Thankfully living in Bend makes it an easy […]