Current Data for the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market

June is right around the corner can you believe it? Thanks to Recent Real Estate data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) we now that as of today sales of Bend Oregon homes are up by close to 20 percent compared to the same time just last year. New construction When we started this year […]

Enjoy Bend Oregon’s Craft Brewing Scene

Another great thing that makes Bend Oregon such an awesome community to live in is that we have some of the best breweries in the United States. Did you know there are 27 breweries in Bend? Or one brewery for every 4,450 residents? That’s awesome right? Especially if you enjoy drinking beer just like many […]

Home Prices Cooling Across the United States

Thanks to the steep gain in home prices over the last two years millions of homeowners across the United States have now seen their mortgages get out of the red and into the black. Recent data from Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller, shows that home prices began to ease recently in the month of March as […]

Hot Real Estate Market But No Interest In Your Home?

If you ask anyone about the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market they will tell you the market is hot! Some Seller’s might disagree if they have their home on the market and they are not getting any action. Seeing a property that represents a “great value” is a motivator for a true Buyer. Having a […]

4 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Realtors

 In today’s world many homeowners feel they can easily sell their homes themselves if they had to because they can easily do the same things a Realtor can do right? Although a Realtor’s job might seem easy to the average homeowner here are 4 surprising things you might not know about what a Realtor really […]

5 Reasons to List Your Bend Oregon Home with Me

Summer 2014 is almost here and with the weather warming up, a great economy and more buyers entering the Real Estate Market here are 5 reasons why you should choose me to list your Bend Oregon Home. Bend Oregon Home Inventory Is Low In spite of our booming Real Estate market in Bend and across […]

Could These 4 Decorating Mistakes Hurt The Sale Of Your Home?

Just about every homeowner thinks they have good decorating “taste” but the reality is decorating preferences vary from one home buyer to the other any what you once thought was once a good decorating decision could delay the sale of your home especially if you’ve made one of these 4 Decorating Mistakes. “Gross!” is word […]

5 Little Fixes To Make When You Want To Sell Your Home

Selling Your Home Is Easy When You Follow These Simple Tips By Sheree MaRitchie When you’re planning on selling your home did you know there are 5 Little Fixes which can mean the difference between you selling your home quickly or waiting longer than you expected while your home sits on the Real Estate Market. […]